I Think, Therefore…

I just can’t help it.

Think, think, think.  Think.
What do you do with your quiet moments?  What do you do when you are cleaning up the house, or driving, or waiting for something to happen, or stumped?

I think about stuff.  It might be why a particular word is used for that particular thing.  Or why leaks occur in waves?  Or why that tree loses its leaves faster than that other tree?  Or why the French fries don’t seem to be the same in takeout after being driven home?

Why are female hawks bigger than the males?  Well, I guess we really do know the why to that one.

Why is it that 3am is the dreaded hour of—if you wake up now you are doomed to spend the next hour and a half trying really hard to go back to sleep.  And all your thoughts will be circular and unresolved, unless, of course, you solve all the problems with such incredible clarity and simplicity that you are amazed—at which point you fall gratefully asleep, only to wake up late having forgotten the solution, not to mention the problem.

Does anyone else do this?  Or is it just me?

I must think about that…when I knit some more stuff…where are those socks?


8 thoughts on “I Think, Therefore…”

  1. Yes I do and 3 am is becoming my least favourite hour, now why is it 3 not 2 or 4. But it seems to be 3 for many!

  2. Yes, 3 a.m. is the dreaded hour. It must be something about aging. I get so much reading done at that hour-aargh!

  3. I have read that in the past, it was common for some folks to wake in the early hours, and even visit friends for an hour or so, then return to bed for the remainder of the night. A night of rest was definitely in two phases! I seem to find mentions of this in England, 2 or 3 centuries ago.

    1. That sounds like what I heard from somewhere. Thanks for the verification, Karen. Nice to know I didn’t make that up. Though I can’t imagine having a chat at 3am even 2 centuries ago. Maybe it was time to wake up and go milk the cows….

  4. I didn’t leave a comment straightaway – had to think about it first ;). It could have been me, writing this. I get exactly what you mean. I’ve really tried mindfulness, letting my thoughts float away like autumn leaves on a river, but it doesn’t do it for me. And waking up at 3 am, yup, that too. It also takes me about an hour and a half to get back to sleep (if I do get back to sleep). But I’ve given up trying to solve things in the middle of the night – I read instead. Can’t see myself visiting anyone at that hour, though, and don’t think anyone would be happy having my grumpy version knocking on their door.

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