Thinking Out Loud…

Marking this time

I am definitely feeling the swamp of chaos.  I notice I am a bit on the jumpy side, and I have gone on a news fast for a time to be determined. It is difficult NOT to know what is going on, so that is the way it is.

I am taking refuge in the small things, the natural things, the well made things. I am listening to people of goodwill and doing my best to number among them. I delight in the birds splashing in our bird bath, a chipmunk posing on the trunk of a tree, and a damn good biscuit.

Today marks the 55th year of our marriage. Jim and I are reminiscing with smiles, laughs, and even a few tears. Tonight there will be martinis and a bbq’d steak. And hugs.

Counting our blessings….

And we send blessings to you.