Making A Western….

Up at dawn and thinking out loud,

I feel like making a quilt—an old fashioned traditional quilt, well, sort of…  It makes me think of a quote by American film director, John Ford—“When in doubt, make a western.”  I love that quote, and think of it often.  Simple.  Take hold of what you know.  Come around the circle to look at it again.

A traditional “prairie” quilt, draped over a chair in some TV thing I was watching, caught me, literally caught me.  I could make that!  I want to make that!  But I would do it differently, and then my imagination took off.  Not a quilt for exhibition, but one for me, maybe even for a bed, working slowly, pleasantly uncomplicated and simple, with humble materials.

Brings to mind the bits from a WIP/UFO that I began over a decade ago, still tucked in a bin….somewhere…

I found it!

Now, how delicious it is to take my time…

Wrangling scraps and textures and colors that argue with one another.  Making them sit in the same room and work together.

How delicious it is.


Winter Wondering?

Thinking out loud…

(Somewhere, a long time ago, someone told me that boredom is right next to invention.  I think about that from time to time.)

I’ve been wondering what the heck my question for myself would be this coming year.  I haven’t felt inspired, more just feeling restlessly bored with myself, and powerless.  In the midst of all the worldly chaos, how does one keep balanced?  How does one help?  What should one DO?  Good questions that I don’t have clear answers for.  All I know is to keep on keeping on, doing the best I can to be a positive presence on this planet—in all the big and little things that entails.

But beyond the big stuff, what is there poking me in the ribs?   I am getting older.  At nearly 73, I tell myself that I am not really OLD yet.  (Funny how OLD seems to be getting further away from me the older I get.)

I’ll be honest with you, ageing has been on my mind for quite a while. I tackled it in my quilt making by looking at weathered surfaces and communicating the beauty I found there.  That really helped, I think, because I began to focus on the beauty of ageing in all things, and  in all living beings.  I can still lose myself in observing the cycles of nature, and therein I find a great deal of peace and hope.

I am still fascinated with tatters, frayed edges, worn and faded surfaces….

But how do I face my own ageing?  How does one go through this passage with the grace of a positive outlook?  It gets personal when I bring it into the room with me (where it has been all along).

Believe me, it is not my intention to turn this blog into a litany of the woes of ageing.  I am NOT going there.  But I am curious to find a path, a meaningful path through it, one that brings me meaning and satisfaction and joy.  I am going to look it square in the face, and I will tell myself (and you) the truth.

Again, this might be a bit like watching paint dry…I like watching paint dry….but I invite you to drop by as the spirit moves you.  You will always be welcome.


A Dusting of Snow…

Thinking out loud…

I don’t know what it is about the first snow of the season, but it still holds magic and wonder for me.  This morning we awoke to a dusting, still falling in the cold and dark.  I’ve got on my woolies, and as I sit here with my coffee, I feel pretty darn lucky for many, many reasons.

So it comes to mind to share some of my photo images—captured recently—recording something that caught my eye or imagination.  Here goes…

Yeah, I notice pie showed up in there twice…what can I say?

As this New Year unfolds remember to take heart from the simplicity and beauty that surrounds you.  Believe me, I am.