The Value of Oops!

Making Stuff….

I haven’t made any messes in the past month, not any spectacular ones anyway.  But I have had some adventures that turned out well in the end.

First off, a classic sour dough bread, full of the tang of sourdough and the chewy texture.  It is a two day process, easy really, just takes the time it takes to get the rise.

My son termed these loaves “the bread that looks like very big baked potatoes.”

And they do!  But the flavor and chew mark this as one of my best breads.  Thank you for King Arthur Flour’s recipes for sourdough!  Any and all—I am working my way through them.

So what is the power of Oops!
Experience.  And learning from it.

There have been more socks too.  I haven’t oops’d a sock in quite a while, but those that were oops’d helped me find a better way to do a toe and a heel, and to find (finally) a very good fit.

The only mess I can really claim (at the moment…) is the one I create while working on my knitting.  I have 5 projects going at once, all in various stages so that I can jump in here or there to points that are easy or tricky, relaxing or not, or go with watching old movies.  (I love film noir).

It is an organized mess, really.  That “mess” looks really good to me.

As the summer slows me down to move in sync with warm (ok, HOT days!), I am soaking up the cool in the morning—outside watching the birds take their morning splashes in Jim’s well maintained bird bath.  Not making bread this week, though my sourdough starter, aka Trevor, would love it.

Here’s to you and to your oops moments and the making of messes that give you pleasure.  Let’s chill out and hope for clouds.