Thinking Out Loud

Remembering and Preparing

The holiday season is a time for just that, remembering and preparing.  The past, present and future surround us.

I’m in my coffee drinking station listening to the classical music station play all sorts of Christmas music.  A collection of images comes to my mind, and sugar plums dance…

Jim and I wish you all the best of the season, rich and satisfying in all the quiet, peaceful ways we bring joy to ourselves and to our loved ones.  Blessings.


18 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud”

  1. Thank you for your beautifully worded message and lovely pictures (familiar teapots!). A happy and peaceful festive season to you and your loved ones, too.

  2. Looking at your pictures again, I see something I didn’t notice before: a yarn advent calendar in the picture with the teapots. That looks fun! Could you tell me about it (kind of yarns, quantities)? Do you have any plans with them yet?

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