Playing Catch (Up)

Thinking Out Loud…

It’s been tough, hasn’t it?  Chaos seems to reign.  I admit it, it’s been difficult to keep my head above water, to keep my balance, to keep a sense of hope.  Yep, it has been tough.

I haven’t felt like writing because I didn’t know what to say about it all.  Anything I can add seems paltry in the face of so much suffering and ill will.

And yet, I do feel hopeful.  We’ve each our own road to follow, our own challenges, successes and failures, loves and sorrows.  Today, after feeling overwhelmed, down cast and worried, I feel like getting on with it—just setting all those worries aside, and getting on with it.  Whatever IT is.

Time to catch up with myself, time to say “I’m still here”.

Let’s keep on keeping on.


6 thoughts on “Playing Catch (Up)”

  1. Waiting for labor & looking for hope here too. I find myself thinking just one more row of knitting… just one more round.

    I think you have the right idea- we just can’t give up.

  2. You expressed our situation beautifully, not fun is it. My knitting keeps me sane, have not quilted at all. Love hearing from you, miss you

  3. I echo your thoughts. Haven’t been able to quilt at all, but I have been trying lots of new recipes in the kitchen. Hope the creative mojo comes back soon.

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