Energy Check…Weird

Thinking out loud…

I don’t know about you, but my energy and attention have been all over the place.  Things come and go in quick bursts of enthusiasm.  I have two pair of socks in progress, one scarf, one sweater, and a list of over 100 in my Ravelry queue (read as “to do” list for those who are not familiar with Ravelry).  I plan meals with enthusiasm and fierce dedication to use everything up without wasting a single thing.  I am good at this…trust me.  I have a scrap quilt in progress on my design wall, and yarn stacks all over my work table for future color exploration.  Waste not want not.

Reading has been all over the map too, though mysteries set in particular locations seem to be winning at the moment.   Current favorite series is set in Shetland (by Marsali Taylor) and about sailing stuff.  I don’t sail…  Waiting in the wings is a stack of more substantial reads,  but I can’t get my mind to settle down to them just now.

In a way, I have made peace with this rapid energy shift.  I am letting it be that way, not fighting with it, just indulging my curiosity.  And that feels good.  I started off today to write a blog post about pizza, then that led to socks—don’t ask…I don’t know the train of thought answer to that one either.  Though I do have a lot to say about pizza.  And socks.

Instead you get my thoughts on energy, that strange powerhouse within.  I am giving mine free range at the moment, and I find it is a good thing.

8 thoughts on “Energy Check…Weird”

  1. Thank you, I’m having the same issues, come up with all kinds of ideas of things to do but then end up reading a trashy novel. I have almost finished four pieces that I really am pleased with, and still haven’t cleaned out my closet! Doing the hard part of finishing a sweaters, and have yarn coming for a new one.
    Stay well, love your blog.

  2. “Indulging my curiosity”: that’s a useful way to view it. I’ve been jumping similarly from one thing to another and reminding myself not to worry about doing so. Just relax and see where it takes me.

  3. I go to my studio with intentions to complete probes and wind up making more projects! Then to top it off my embroidery machine died in the middle of stitching a project. Hmmm! Guess I better go do some surface design, paint and cut it up! Not a single complete idea in my head!😂

  4. Cynthia – Doesn’t look likely that I will be traveling up your way this summer. Maybe next year things will settle down and I will be on the road again. Meanwhile I am loving my KoKo dog and reading anything I can beg, borrow, or (if necessary) steal. I still read old fashioned books printed on paper. I’m old. Still making quilts – slowly. Del and KoKo

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