Fair Thee Well

It’s that time…

One of my basic beliefs has been to trust to my own curiosity and instincts to find the path ahead.  Often it has looked like some weedy track that has been overlooked long enough.  But in one step I know it is the way for me.  My heart responds with ease, my mind and shoulders relax.   And so it is time to bring this blog to the end.

I breathe a contented sigh, and keep going—making, exploring, savouring, and expressing all that in some quietly mindful way.

Thank you to everyone who has come along for the ride, everyone who has watched paint dry with me, and listened to me think out loud.  It has done me good.  I hope it has been worthwhile for you too.

I wish you more adventures and the very best of…

Happy Trails,




14 thoughts on “Fair Thee Well”

  1. Wow! Cynthia, I am so fortunate to,have just enjoyed the ride mid year 2022, while you were making pizza on the grill. What an accomplishment that was…
    Love your knitting prowess too. Along side your most fantastic ALWAYS, Art quilt creating. Thank you so much.
    Hugs, cheers,

  2. Sorry you are giving up your blog, I have looked forward to our occasional connection. Quite a few years ago I vlisited your home there in WA and always thought I would see you again. However I became old and think my road trip days might be over. I will continue cherishing memories of Empty Spools and enjoying your “Absolutes” as part of the Thomas Contemporary Quilt Collection. Best Wishes always. http://www.delquilts.blogspot.com

  3. I will miss your thoughts, photos and peeks into your life. Thank you for the many years of always helpful and kind prompts on my artistic journey. You have been a huge influence and a wonderful teacher and mentor. I have saved everything from our times together to review as needed. Thank you, and enjoy the next phase. Best wishes, Giny

  4. Thank you for all of your lovely, interesting and thoughtful blog posts. I’ve enjoyed hearing you ‘thinking out loud’ very much. Best wishes for the New Year, and for wherever you path may take you from here on.

  5. Hello, this is quite a late reply. I enjoyed a retreat that you taught in about 2007 in Colorado Springs. I had just made my first quilt. You inspired me all these years. After COVID I had to quit the Internet for a while. Sorry I’m just seeing your farewell. I wish you the best and I carry the lesson of just making an ugly quilt on purpose.

    D.M. Sanford

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