A Snowy Morning

That was last week…

The snow is pretty much gone for the time being.  It hung around for a week or so, pretty, and complicated for delivery trucks.   We had planned a trek with our trailer to a nearby campground, but the snow surprised us and we had to cancel.  So we had a pleasant time at home watching the snow build up and blanket everything.
Our neighborhood birds have been enjoying the suet feeding stations, and I am enjoying watching them.  It has been a good time for quiet making.  And quiet reflection.

Here we are in the season of Holidays!  I am celebrating this year with a couple yarn advent calendars—little bundles of yarny goodness that I hang on the little tree.  And I am being so grown up in refraining from opening them all at once.

I hope you will take time out for quiet making and reflecting, for childish enjoyment, and for those little things that bring you joy and comfort—Savoring every moment, whether relaxing or frenetic (such as the holidays can be).  Blessings.

From my neck of the woods—Happy Holidays to you!

4 thoughts on “A Snowy Morning”

  1. Joyful to receive your new blog!
    How are your yarny pkgs a surprise?
    I am not in the”frenetic “Camp either,
    My treasure- is being in rural Collbran, near Grand Junction CO! Dtr Kathy &HusbandTim moved there early this year! The tranquility & vast vistas are my Nirvana! Was there for 3weeks/now Niwot a week then/hurrah back to Collbran🐾
    Hugs& sane hilidays honoring our Christ’s birthday ! Will try sending a photo of Collbran & sunsets👍💕

  2. I have been into lots of knitting and using beautiful hand dyed yarns. Quilting is still something I like to do but haven’t lately.
    Haven’t had any snow yet, lots of rain. Staying home and trying to keep out of COVID’s way. Glad to get a blog from you.

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