Transitions in Making (stuff)

Do you find it hard to admit that you have shifted gears?  I do.  My own expectations are often the thing that locks me in—my own thoughts of what I should be doing while fully admitting that I don’t want to do “that” (whatever it is…) any more.  Yep, I do that.

It just takes one look at what I AM doing to see the shift, but it takes me a whole lotta time and mulling to give myself permission to feel good about it.

From “Thinking out loud” to “I Make Stuff”

A lot has changed.

I no longer make quilts, but I make a lot of stuff.  Other stuff.  So this blog is going to be a chronicle of making stuff.  Stuff stuff stuff!

I knit.
I bake.
I photograph.
I reorganise.
I think.

Then I make more stuff.

Connections of stuff.
Connections of thought.
Connections with folks.
Positive connections.

A lot has changed.  So what to do about that?
My choice is to make the ground I stand on a positive, generous, hopeful, and inclusive space.

One by one, one to one, one step at a time.
Slowly, slowly.

I’m going to go make some stuff!

And, as always, it may resemble watching paint dry.  But darn, I love watching paint dry and weather and chip and peel.

I will be delighted to have you stop by this blog from time to time and join me.