The Way I See It

From my coffee drinking station…

Time to dust off this blog, refocus, make a plan, and begin.

I love taking pictures.  I love letting them speak for me.  I love looking at things, seeing them in a different light, or from a different point of view, and then I love sending them to my kids and friends.  A glimpse of the day!

I have been wrestling with how to use this blog in a meaningful way, in an enjoyable way, and still learn something for myself.  So I am going to practice seeing,  snapping pictures, and posting them here.  I intend to explore and broaden my own vision and sense of composition, and SEE.

Fewer words, unless I just can’t help myself.  No particular theme, unless one shows up…  just views, glimpses, and experimentation.

My goal is to post once a month, give or take.  My practice will be to explore—random and eclectic, weird and wacky, quiet and meditative, color or not, identifiable or not.  Play, see, capture.

So to begin, a few pictures from the past year or so to remind myself that the creative juices have been simmering even though I circled my wagons to cope with trying times.

You are welcome to come along for the ride!  Cheers!