For The Love Of Tomatoes

Thinking out loud…

Ok, I admit it seems odd to want to talk about tomatoes in the midst of all the chaos swirling around us these days.  But then I remind myself that paying attention to the simple beauty of what is right in front of me can be the best way to foil that chaos for a time, and bring some comfort to my day.  So, I figure you might need to think about tomatoes too.

This is the season.  This is the time to taste what a vine ripened tomato is supposed to taste like.  Get ‘em while you can.  Enjoy the heck out of them.

My very favorite this season is a Tomato Gratin, recipe supplied by a cracking good cooking show on PBS—America’s Test Kitchen.  (I’d link it if I knew how to do such techy things in this blog format…)  But, anyway, a simple chop ‘em up and mix and bake recipe that says summertime and bounty to me.  And tastes darn good too.

I have yet to get a picture of the finished gratin.  But I will keep trying!

You can probably tell that I have rediscovered my pleasure of being in the kitchen.  In short bursts, with simple tasks, I can lose myself in contemplating zucchini pancakes, or the mysteries and history of sourdough.  In my kitchen it is alright.

I figure we all need to find our place where it is alright, even if it is just for a moment or two.  This is my strategy—to hold onto good will, decency and fairness as I navigate the times ahead.   And I hold on to hope.

We’ll make it.  We will.


8 thoughts on “For The Love Of Tomatoes”

  1. Hi Cynthia -your words are so true. Working in my garden, cooking up favorite recipes, and creating art bring me much needed peace! Lately my husband and I hAve started working on a huge puzzle in the evenings. Tv has not been turned on for four nights now! Believe me, that is a record! Hope you and yours are well !

  2. What a beautiful bounty! I have never been successful in growing large tomatoes, so hats off, Cynthia. We have some lovely grape kinds in the garden. The farm we drive to every week for our veggies now offers large heirlooms in all colors. We used them for a bread salad, one of my favorite late summer dishes. Similar to your gratin dish, the flavor largely depends on the quality of the lycopersicon.

    1. Oh, I didn’t grow them! Bounty from our favorite farm stand—local heritage varieties. We’ve never had luck growing the big tomatoes either. I could tell you stories…

  3. Not odd at all. Talking about tomatoes seems like a very sane thing to do in crazy times. Are the green tomatoes unripe ones, or is it a special kind that stays green? They look delicious!

    1. The green ones are ripe and a heritage variety, though I don’t know know the name. All are local produce from our favorite veg mart. It does bring up the question—how do you tell when a green tomato is ripe?? I am working on this one…

  4. Thanks for reminding me and all of us about the simple beauty of a homegrown tomato and the delicious surprise it offers. And thanks too for offering a physical and real contradiction to the challenge of our times. Good to balance both as we meet each day.

    Sometimes just sewing a few pieces of fabric together can set me straight and inspire me once again.

    Keep writing!! Xxoo

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