For The Love Of Tomatoes

Thinking out loud…

Ok, I admit it seems odd to want to talk about tomatoes in the midst of all the chaos swirling around us these days.  But then I remind myself that paying attention to the simple beauty of what is right in front of me can be the best way to foil that chaos for a time, and bring some comfort to my day.  So, I figure you might need to think about tomatoes too.

This is the season.  This is the time to taste what a vine ripened tomato is supposed to taste like.  Get ‘em while you can.  Enjoy the heck out of them.

My very favorite this season is a Tomato Gratin, recipe supplied by a cracking good cooking show on PBS—America’s Test Kitchen.  (I’d link it if I knew how to do such techy things in this blog format…)  But, anyway, a simple chop ‘em up and mix and bake recipe that says summertime and bounty to me.  And tastes darn good too.

I have yet to get a picture of the finished gratin.  But I will keep trying!

You can probably tell that I have rediscovered my pleasure of being in the kitchen.  In short bursts, with simple tasks, I can lose myself in contemplating zucchini pancakes, or the mysteries and history of sourdough.  In my kitchen it is alright.

I figure we all need to find our place where it is alright, even if it is just for a moment or two.  This is my strategy—to hold onto good will, decency and fairness as I navigate the times ahead.   And I hold on to hope.

We’ll make it.  We will.