I have a pound of yeast

Thinking out loud…

Initially, there was a plan.  I wanted pizza.  But we only had old yeast.  Then we discovered that most of America was apparently in bread baking mode—no yeast left in the stores!  I began a search on line and after a couple disappointments and a few weeks, I scored a pound of yeast.  We would survive.

Then it arrived.  A pound of yeast.  A brick’s worth in size.

I haven’t made serious bread in years, and I have been in the mood for home baked bread.  I want to whack bread dough on the counter just like they do in The Great British Baking Show.  English Muffins, Hamburger Buns,  Bannocks (not sure what those are, but I wants ‘em).

But…I admit it, a brick’s worth of yeast intimidated me.  Time passed.

I finally mustered my forces (?) and found a recipe for easy Hamburger Buns.  So here goes!  (You know, whenever anyone says easy, they don’t necessarily mean for anyone else….)

Mise en place!  I am big on mise en place….(I like to say it, a lot).

This mixer hasn’t been out of the appliance barn in a long time, a loooong time.  It knew what to do with bread dough.

Just how long does one need to knead bread?  There is a mystery here. What happens if you over knead it?

There is also a trick to making dough into little balls.  It eluded me….

But here they are!

And they worked just fine, even if the burger kinda hung out the sides, and the buns were a bit on the tall side.

Next baking with yeast adventure is going to be English Muffins!  Because I have a whole pound of yeast to use!  (Minus 1 tablespoon)

8 thoughts on “I have a pound of yeast”

  1. I laughed all the way thru, thought you might abandon the project, but you persisted ! Love ya Kitsie

  2. I too decided to make bread from scratch, although I had never done it before. I too now have a brick of yeast. My bread did not look as good yours. I tried several times. No luck. I failed bread making 101. But I am not giving up. Have ordered a bread making machine because I have almost all of a brick of yeast.

  3. Those buns look really good, although they’re a little unevenly shaped. And your apron is perfect for the job! My husband has baked al our bread for about two decades now, and I remember that we’ve eaten many a misshapen, too compact or rock hard loaf during the first year(s). Even if your efforts won’t always be perfect, they will always fill your house with delicious smells.

    1. Cheers to you and your bread making husband! The bread certainly smelled good as it baked, but also, I loved the yeasty smell of the bread as it proved—little things I had forgotten about bread making. I will get the hang of the bun shaping! It is a fun challenge.

  4. Ha! Well, I think pizza is perfectly valid motivation for a major yeast purchase. My better half could probably survive without most life essentials as long as he got a regular pizza fix. I will be interested to hear about your experiences with making pizza dough. Ever since the Italian deli that was my VERY favorite supplier of dough (and hot sausage and fresh mozzarella and antipasti and olives … and I digress) closed shop last year, I have been living with the hardship of mediocre dough. :-}. Stay well, Cynthia! I hope you are happily creating.

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