To See The Forest For The Trees

Thinking out loud…

A forest is full of trees.  A healthy forest is a community, a varied community of life forms.  Each has a place, a life, a life span.  Each adds to community health—damage one part of the whole and the whole forest suffers.
We are all part of this forest whether we like the tree standing next to us or not— whether that tree is bigger, or smaller, or a different color, or a different shape.

I am trying to live in the hope of a world community that learns from the mistakes made, that strives to become a world of fairness, and health, and truth.
I am not giving up on us.


4 thoughts on “To See The Forest For The Trees”

  1. In a language that is not my own, it is sometimes hard to find the right word for things that go deep. I love this post sounds far to cheerful. I’ve enjoyed it – ditto. I think I’ll just leave it at Thank you!

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