So far so good!

Thinking out loud…

This is me…hair is getting longer and, some days, quite rebellious.  I am doing more cooking and prudent meal planning.  We are scheduled to receive our first delivered groceries today.  Though yesterday I went out to our little veg mart with mask in place to resupply the veg and milk.  So all in all, we are doing quite well.  Staying in, staying safe is the best thing we can do.

And there are quite a few things that have helped!  One I can highly recommend is The Daily Respite by Clara Parkes.  Check out her website: and scroll down to her link.  I tried putting a link in this blog post, but it is beyond me at the moment to figure out how…sigh.   But go and check out The Daily Respite—who can resist “corgi butt buns”!

Samurai movies on Turner Classic Movies.  Yesterday we watched “The Hidden Fortress“, starring Toshiro Mifune, directed by the great Akira Kurosawa.  This movie is a classic, along with the “Seven Samurai“ which is on my menu today—I recorded several movies yesterday.  I think you can get these on Netflix.

Knitting, always near by!  I have socks in progress (I am not good at fitting socks—it’s a long story of getting two of anything to come out the same size.  But I am aiming for improvement).  I am also working on a sweater, and a very easy scarf.  Then I have a long list of things I want to knit!

Books!  “Vanishing Fleece” by Clara Parkes—Clara’s adventures with  a great white bale—of wool, from fleece to yarn.   And a British Cozy mystery called “The Country Inn Mystery”, by Faith Martin.  I ride my exercise bike while reading this one.

On my list to read :  The Splendid and the Vile, by Erik Larson, about Churchill.  Jim could barely put it down!
The Mirror and the Light, by Hilary Mantel—the most recent of the Wolf Hall books, all of which have been fabulous reads.

In my yard, Spring is springing, albeit with subtlety, but it is there.  The birds are frequent visitors to the suet cake feeders, and we love greeting them every single time.

That’s a Red Shafted Flicker.  A poor picture through the screen and glass, but a gorgeous bird.

Do the things that fill you with good will and hope.  Take heart, and be kind to yourselves and one another.  I am cheering you on!

8 thoughts on “So far so good!”

  1. Your hair is gorgeous … you have always had such beautiful hair … I always loved (and envied soooo much) all those curls! I remember once you had my mom do a hair straightener on that hair when we were in high school. Remember that?

    We are doing well – as well as can be expected. Enjoyed your thoughtful insights as always. Tell Jim I said hi … I am determined to have a real visit somehow when normalcy returns – have not figured out details – but you must remember how stubborn I can be when I have my mind made up about something. Well – I have only gotten worse!!!😉

    1. Oh my gosh, I do remember the hair straightening attempt. That was me going for the surfer girl look. Oh my.
      And you stubborn? I would say determined! Love and hugs to you and family.💛

  2. Goodness, another blogpost and another one. I can’t keep up! I’ve never heard of the red shafted flicker before. It looks slightly like our spotted woodpecker, in build, but not in colouring. Thank you for the book tips. And I’m almost certain that you socks will come out the same with these two balls of yarn!

    1. This Flicker is feathered in tans with black spots, a black collar in front, and when they spread their wings there is a flash of color on the underside—here in the Western US it is most commonly a red orange, while in the East the flash of color is mostly yellow. One of my favorite birds. And yes, they are woodpeckers!
      I really enjoy our across the seas conversations!💛

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