Pancake Morning!

Thinking out loud…who could resist?

This guy is a keeper!  He always has been a keeper.  I hate making breakfast.  Jim LOVES it!  The last thing I want to do of a morning is make a mess in the kitchen.  Over the years our breakfast routine has evolved to a mutually pleasing arrangement.  I stay out of the kitchen, he dives in.

Best darn breakfast place in town!

This morning’s batch has cranberries, apple and walnuts, served with warm maple syrup—the real deal.

Damn, they were good!

6 thoughts on “Pancake Morning!”

  1. Glad to know you are doing well. Breakfast looks delicious, I suppose Jim has had a lot of practice over the years. Those are lovely chickens on your wall! If I am able to drive to Washington this summer may I stop to see you? I would be en route to Mt Vernon to visit my elderly friends there. Don’t know when, of course, was going to be this month! Be well. Love, Del &KoKo

  2. Oh my, these look d e l i c i o u s!
    We were fortunate enough to get a good taste of Jim‘s fabulous breakfast cooking skills about 22 years ago, when we spent together a few tranquil days on beautiful Lopez Island. This memory is stored in the unforgettable box.
    Happy to see you are doing well.

    The Grodeckis

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