Bearly There

Thinking out loud…

It is time to put away the bird feeders.

Hello, Bear!
Our visitor yesterday afternoon—a young Black Bear.  We haven’t seen one in the yard for several years, though we know they are around, getting into neighborhood garbage cans, wandering through yards.  We had heard there was a mom with two cubs out and about last summer—this must be one of her cubs.  Big enough to take down the feeders!

After he finished with the suet cakes, he made the rounds and checked out our garbage cans with a good sniff at each.   I swear the bears know the garbage pickup schedule.  We’ve seen bear tracks near our cans on pick up day.  We learned several years ago to freeze all food scraps, bagged in bio-bags, and put them in with yard waste (compost) on pickup morning.  This works!  We call them bear popsicles.

A handsome young bear.  We wish him well, and know it is time to take down the feeders.  We do live on the edge of the forest, his country too.  When he was ready, he disappeared back into the woods…

The bear pictures were taken by my husband, who grabbed his camera, and stationed himself in the sun room where he got a good view.  Thank you, Jim!

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