Winter Wondering?

Thinking out loud…

(Somewhere, a long time ago, someone told me that boredom is right next to invention.  I think about that from time to time.)

I’ve been wondering what the heck my question for myself would be this coming year.  I haven’t felt inspired, more just feeling restlessly bored with myself, and powerless.  In the midst of all the worldly chaos, how does one keep balanced?  How does one help?  What should one DO?  Good questions that I don’t have clear answers for.  All I know is to keep on keeping on, doing the best I can to be a positive presence on this planet—in all the big and little things that entails.

But beyond the big stuff, what is there poking me in the ribs?   I am getting older.  At nearly 73, I tell myself that I am not really OLD yet.  (Funny how OLD seems to be getting further away from me the older I get.)

I’ll be honest with you, ageing has been on my mind for quite a while. I tackled it in my quilt making by looking at weathered surfaces and communicating the beauty I found there.  That really helped, I think, because I began to focus on the beauty of ageing in all things, and  in all living beings.  I can still lose myself in observing the cycles of nature, and therein I find a great deal of peace and hope.

I am still fascinated with tatters, frayed edges, worn and faded surfaces….

But how do I face my own ageing?  How does one go through this passage with the grace of a positive outlook?  It gets personal when I bring it into the room with me (where it has been all along).

Believe me, it is not my intention to turn this blog into a litany of the woes of ageing.  I am NOT going there.  But I am curious to find a path, a meaningful path through it, one that brings me meaning and satisfaction and joy.  I am going to look it square in the face, and I will tell myself (and you) the truth.

Again, this might be a bit like watching paint dry…I like watching paint dry….but I invite you to drop by as the spirit moves you.  You will always be welcome.


14 thoughts on “Winter Wondering?”

  1. I never thought much about what “getting old” means until this past September when I achieved 81. Now I find I am more disconnected from the outside world, no TV or newspaper, and more connected with my quilting, books, dog, TCQC, some traveling. Being on Facebook’s Elder Orphans group exposes me to the travails of other older orphans and shows me how fortunate am in my personality, health, and location. I felt a lift of pleasure in seeing your selfie. Even with the miles and non- contact I have always felt you are a friend. Be good to your self, you are valuable.

  2. I, too struggle with my aging. This year I have felt compelled to travel, because at 70+ I don’t know how much longer my body will be able to. Currently I am in Africa exploring a vast continent I have never been to before. I hope the quilt muse will follow me home.

  3. All your beautiful curls are gone! Looks so fresh, and you look happy! When I saw your response above with “nifty”, it made me smile remembering the fun times in your inspirational workshops. I turned 77 this Christmas, it still surprises the heck out of me. How did that happen? Fortunately I have lots of ideas of things I want to do with fabric, and you will do what seems right for you. Please keep sending along your thoughts and photos. A nice start to the day.

  4. This doesn’t sound like a litany at all. Your words/thoughts remind me of Miss Montague, my favourite character in The Dean’s Watch, a novel by Elizabeth Goudge. Faced with similar questions as you, she asks herself: ‘What should she do? Her question was not a cry of despair but a genuine and honest wish to know.’ (p. 107) What you call ‘being a positive presence on this planet’ she calls ‘taking a vow to love.’ At first she only loves the cat, but she succeeds in letting it grow to include much more and in old age becomes a very positive presence in her world indeed.
    And on a lighter note: I love the picture of the rocking chairs!

    1. I am enjoying visualising “Miss Montague” and her cat! This is definitely a WIP! (Could not resist the knitting code— I enjoyed your blog post this morning.). Thanks for your thoughtful comments. Cheers!

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