Making A Western….

Up at dawn and thinking out loud,

I feel like making a quilt—an old fashioned traditional quilt, well, sort of…  It makes me think of a quote by American film director, John Ford—“When in doubt, make a western.”  I love that quote, and think of it often.  Simple.  Take hold of what you know.  Come around the circle to look at it again.

A traditional “prairie” quilt, draped over a chair in some TV thing I was watching, caught me, literally caught me.  I could make that!  I want to make that!  But I would do it differently, and then my imagination took off.  Not a quilt for exhibition, but one for me, maybe even for a bed, working slowly, pleasantly uncomplicated and simple, with humble materials.

Brings to mind the bits from a WIP/UFO that I began over a decade ago, still tucked in a bin….somewhere…

I found it!

Now, how delicious it is to take my time…

Wrangling scraps and textures and colors that argue with one another.  Making them sit in the same room and work together.

How delicious it is.


8 thoughts on “Making A Western….”

  1. It is such a surprise to find a box/bag of parts that rings a bell in my creative mind and produces a “new” project. I love it. Good luck with your “new” project. Love.

    1. It is actually a reducing glass—it makes things look further away, like looking through the wrong end of binoculars. It allows me to see the work at a distance so I can judge what values and colors “stand out” too much or not enough. It’s one of my favorite tools!

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