Full Circle…

Thinking Out Loud—The Importance Of…Pie

That was a darn good pie.  Apple.  Simply apple.  I love pie.  When we travel we look for places of great pie.  And when at home, maybe once or twice a year, I actually make a pie.

Making a pie is all about celebration for me. A pie can (and does) celebrate a seasonal fruit—apples, pears, berries, peaches, rhubarb.  And I think I do need to make a rhubarb pie next season!   But generally my pie making is at holiday time, and I crank out one (or two) of the old favorites—Pumpkin (for sure and certain!), Pecan (hubby’s favorite), Mincemeat with Hard Sauce (a favorite of our kids, Hard Sauce being the key).  I must admit, the Hard Sauce is pretty darn good, though I can’t think of what besides mincemeat pie one might put it on….in our house the two go together.  It is the way.

So we come around again to the season of celebrations. I wish you lots of the goodness that makes your life rich and full.  I wish you an abundance of quiet moments with those you love, lots of laughter, and lots of hugs.

And whether your days are quiet and relaxed or full of bustle…

Remember to eat dessert!  We’re having pie.