When in doubt, make stuff.

Thinking out loud…

John Ford was quoted as saying, “When in doubt, make a Western.”  In other words, go back to what you know.  Go back to what you love.

Hand work, made by hand, made with whatever is around into whatever comes to mind—craft, folk art, art—useful, needful, whimsical, uplifting, meaningful, silly, joyful, sad, angry, mournful—all the human voices one can imagine, giving voice, making something, making stuff.


I enjoy collecting hand made things, whether in photos or the real object.  But I really love making stuff.  Really.

I have macrame’d, embroidered, knitted and crocheted, quilted (by hand and machine), sewn clothing that would only fit into the decade of the 60s, made all manner of things necessary to boost one’s home decor, and even tried jewelry making.  All things relating to fabric and stringy stuff seem to have stuck with me.  And I am glad.

It is so comforting to sit with my hands busy while my mind can roam.  I also love losing myself in the stitching or knitting as I problem solve my way through the tricksy bits.  I love petting the fabrics, knitted or woven.  I love seeing my made things used, displayed, and treasured for what they simply are—I made that, and I am glad to have done it.

I am going to keep on making stuff.  Some of it will be useful, some whimsical, some—probably and eventually—kinda, maybe, sort of…meaningful.

You never know…


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